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NGS library preparation kits for dsDNA samples

The Swift 2S Turbo DNA library kits are rapid, high-performance, next-generation sequencing (NGS) library preparation kits from Swift Biosciences, for 1-250ng double-stranded DNA samples.

Leveraging a robust enzymatic fragmentation process and flexible indexing to accelerate workflows, Swift 2S Turbo DNA library kits can be used for:

• Whole genome sequencing
• Hybridisation capture genomic regions
• PCR-free sequencing
• Metagenomics/microbiome
• Low frequency somatic variation detection of SNVs & indels
• Copy number variation detection
• Detection of germline inherited diseases (SNVs & indels)

Swift 2S Turbo DNA library kit workflow

2S Turbo DNA Library kit workflow


Available as an all-in-one configuration to facilitate rapid implementation, as well as an alternative format suitable for use with pre-determined full-length indexed adapters, Swift 2S Turbo DNA Library Kits can be used with:

• Genomic DNA
• Formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE)
• Fresh frozen tissue
• Microbial DNA

Swift 2S Turbo kits specifications

Feature Swift 2S Turbo Swift 2S Turbo Flexible
Sample type
Fresh frozen tissue, genomic DNA, PCR amplicons, high quality FFPE*
Input range
50-250 ng (human
1-250 ng (microbial)
1-250 ng (human or microbial)
Indexed adapters
• Swift 2S Turbo Single Indexing Primer Kit Set A
• Swift 2S Turbo Combinatorial Dual Indexing Primer Kit
• Swift 2S Turbo Unique Dual Indexing Primer Kit
• >96 indexing – please contact our Swift specialist
• Swift Indexing primers for truncated adapters
System compatibility & multiplexing formats
2 & 4 channel Illumina® sequencing instruments
Workflow capability
Manual & automated
For a list of liquid handling robots & scripts, please contact our Swift specialist
Kit size
24 or 96 reactions
For >96 reactions, please contact our Swift specialist 

*optimisation of the enzymatic fragmentation step may be required.

2S Turbo has consistent performance vs competing library prep kits

2S Turbo vs competitors

Coefficient of variation of insert size among different inputs of NA12878 (1, 10, 100ng)

Material available for download
Swift 2S Turbo DNA library kit protocol
Swift 2S Turbo DNA library kit flexible protocol
Swift 2S Turbo DNA library kit datasheet

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