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Recombinant epigenetic regulatory proteins

This large collection of high purity recombinant epigenetic regulatory proteins from Reaction Biology Corporation are for use in the study of heritable phenotypic changes resulting from modifications in chromosomes, especially histone protein modifications, which affect gene activity and expression. This portfolio comprises methyltransferases and demethylases, methyltransferase substrates, reader domains, histone deacetylases and acetylases (HDAC), PARP proteins, NAD(P)H dehydrogenase quinone proteins (NQOs – QRs), histone demethylases and epigenetic inhibitors

Benefits of using these recombinant epigenetic regulatory proteins
• Each protein is functionally tested
• High purity
• Largest collection of methyltransferase proteins and reader domain proteins
• Broadest range of proteins for epigenetic assays

Epigenetics proteins SDS-PAGE

Methylation activity of ASH1L with various types of nucleosomes

Methylation Activity of ASH1L With Various Types Of Nucleosomes

Assays were performed with a scintillation/filter plate assay. 100 nM or 60 nM ASH1L was incubated 60 min, 30⁰C with HeLa Oligonucleosomes (catalogue number HMT-35-130), HeLa Mononucleosomes (catalogue number HMT-35-123), Chicken Oligonucleosomes (catalogue number HMT-35-177), Chicken Mononucleosomes (catalogue number HMT-35-179), Recombinant Tetranucleosomes (catalogue number HMT-15-367) and Recombinant Mononucleosomes (catalogue number HMT-15-369); 0.05 mg/mL as [DNA]) and 3.25 µM SAM (1:1.6[3H]-SAM:unlabelled).

Please find below a small selection of recombinant epigenetic regulatory proteins from our large portfolio.
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