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RealSeq-Biofluids small RNA library kit

The RealSeq®-Biofluids library kit from Somagenics is the ideal solution for sequencing miRNAs from biofluids. It offers a proprietary method for the preparation of small RNA sequencing libraries that minimises bias related to intramolecular RNA folding and adapter dimers. By using an efficient, gel-free approach the RealSeq-AC core technology detects more miRNAs in plasma/serum, especially low copy-number miRNAs, unlike other commonly used sequencing library preparations which lead to under detection of many miRNAs by as much as 10,000-fold. Learn more about RealSeq-AC technology.

Further reading on bias in miRNA detection

Benefits of using the RealSeq-Biofluids library kit
• Highly sensitive and unbiased small RNA detection
• Optimised for liquid samples
• Superior detection of usable miRNA reads from low plasma input
• Gel-free workflow

Libraries prepared with RealSeq-biofluids yield substantially more miRNAs compared to competitor kits

Libraries prepared with RealSeq®-biofluids yield substantially more miRNAs compared to competitor kits


Sequencing results obtained from commercially available library preparation kits were compared using 200-ul aliquots from the same plasma samples. Short reads are classified as reads <15 nt length after adapter trimming.  Reads passing this filter are then aligned to a reference file with all human miRNAs (miRBase 21, orange), and the remaining reads are aligned to the human genome (hg19, red). RealSeq® - biofluids yields significantly fewer short or unmappable reads (grey) than the other two commercial libraries available that are indicated for biofluids analysis. The number of sequenced miRNAs and of other mappable small RNAs is substantially higher.

RealSeq-biofluids allows sequencing of significantly more miRNAs

RealSeq®-biofluids allows sequencing of significantly more miRNAs

Comparison of miRNAs read frequencies of three different library preparation kits (gel-free protocols) from 200 ul plasma samples. Reads were subsampled to 10 million reads per kit and aligned to a reference that includes all human miRNAs listed in miRBase 21 (Miltenyi Biotec). The number of miRNAs detected at different coverage for each library preparation kit is shown. Especially low copy-number miRNAs are significantly more sequenced when the RealSeq-biofluids kit was used for library preparation.

RealSeq uses an efficient, gel-free workflow

RealSeq uses an efficient, gel-free workflow

Library preparation takes approximately 8 hours for sequence-ready samples.

Material available for download
RealSeq-Biofluids flyer
RealSeq-Biofluids protocol


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