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PCR master mixes and kits

These highly sensitive PCR master mixes from BioVision offer robust, rapid and high-fidelity PCR amplification of even the most difficult DNA templates. Supplied ready-to-use with all necessary reagents for PCR amplification, these 2X mixes contain strategically engineered Taq polymerases which offer rapid extension rates, shorter reaction times and ultra-low error rates. With some mixes also containing a dye which resolved during gel electrophoresis for real-time visualisation, the BioVision master mixes allow direct loading of PCR products onto an agarose gel. PCR products are suitable for downstream applications such as TA cloning and next generation sequencing (NGS).

Benefits of using these PCR master mixes
• Easy, convenient and ready-to-use mixture
• Contains a gel loading dye for real-time visualisation
• Suitable for long range PCR (15-18 kb targets)
• Decrease reaction times by 70%
• Specialised buffer for higher yields, sensitivity and specificity
• High-fidelity PCR (1,000X less error rates)


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