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Cell-free circular DNA cloning system: OriCiro

The OriCiro® Cell-Free Cloning System from OriCiro Genomics enables cell-free assembly and amplification of large circular DNA molecules, without E. coli transformation and culture. This efficient, self-sustaining method uses proprietary technology to enable genome-scale large DNA synthesis and is ideal for gene therapy and synthetic biology research applications.

Benefits of using the OriCiro Cell-Free Cloning System
• An alternative to labour-intensive E. coli cloning
• Up to 10,000 times more accurate amplification than PCR
• Synthesise genome-scale large DNA
• Ideal for gene therapy and synthetic biology research
• Enables amplification of long DNA sequences
• Efficient cloning of cytotoxic, repeat and GC-rich sequences

OriCiro technology
This simple two-step isothermal enzymatic reaction utilises the OriCiro Assembly Kit to seamlessly ligate up to 50 DNA fragments, and the OriCiro Amp Kit for rapid and efficient amplification of select large circular DNA

OriCiro Assembly and Amplification

Comparison of OriCiro technology over traditional E. coli cloning and PCR

  PCR E. coli cloning OriCiro Cloning System
DNA size <10kbp <50kbp <50kbp
Operation Thermocycler Cumbersome process
Several days requiring different techniques
Very simple process
Several hours of isothermal incubation
Biosafety Cell-free Recombinant NDA experiment Cell-free
Fidelity 10-4 ~10-6 error/bp 10-10 error/bp 10-8 error/bp*
Sequence applicability  Not applicable to GC rich and repeat sequences Not applicable to cell-toxic sequences Applicable for any sequence
Product  Linear DNA Circular DNA Circular DNA

*Will be enhanced to match that of E.coli cloning by introducing the error-repair mechanism.

Material available for download
Application note: Amplification of 50 kb DNA
Application note: Construction of 27 kb plasmids
Application note: Lambda DNA Assembly and Amplification
Application note: Construction of NPC1-luciferase fusion protein expression vector


Note: product availability depends on country - see product detail page.

Details Cat number & supplier Size Price
OriCiro® Cell-Free Cloning System MS0011-A · OriCiro Genomics
OriCiro Genomics
10 reactions POA
10 reactions
OriCiro® Amp Kit MS0021-A · OriCiro Genomics
OriCiro Genomics
10 reactions POA
10 reactions
OriCiro® Cell-Free Cloning PASS MS0011-P · OriCiro Genomics
OriCiro Genomics
1 kit POA
1 kit
OriCiro® Amp PASS MS0021-P · OriCiro Genomics
OriCiro Genomics
1 kit POA
1 kit