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Minicircle iPSC reprogramming system

SBI offers nonviral and nonintegrating human minicircle DNA technology to create iPS cells certified for pluripotency. Featuring easy-to-transfect molecules that have an extended expression lifespan in mammalian cells, the premade MC-LGNSO DNA  efficiently reprogrammes somatic cells to the pluripotent state.

Features of the Minicircle DNA and mc-iPS cell technology
• Proven nonviral, nonintegrating reprogramming method
• Create certified pluripotent mc-iPS cells with Lin28, Nanog, Sox2, Oct4
• Track GFP positive cells for 21 days and then monitor colony formation
• Human mc-iPS cells from adipocytes show multiple lineage potential

Minicircle iPS cell line example data

Colonies with morphologies similar to hESC colonies were clearly visible by day 18 after transfection. At day 26-28 after transfection, GFP-negative mc-iPSC colonies were individually picked for further expansion and analysis. GFP signal decreases over time correlating with the disappearance of the minicricle DNA with simultaneous increase of the endogenous pluripotency marker expression. Bar graph qPCR expression data is adapted from Jia F, et al., 2010.

Material available for download
Minicircle DNA and mc-iPS cells datasheet
Minicircle DNA and mc-iPS cells user manual


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