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Magpure Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit for KingFisher™ systems

The Magpure Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit from Wuxi Nest Biotechnology is a complete, pre-aliquoted kit for the efficient extraction of DNA and RNA from a wide variety of samples using the Thermo Scientific™ KingFisher™ Presto and KingFisher™ Flex automated extraction and purification instruments. Using a magnetic bead to reversibly bind and release DNA/RNA, this method produces high quality samples, suitable for downstream applications including RT-PCR.

Simple workflow

Magpure Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit process

Kit performance
Extraction purity A260/280 = 1.7-2.0, A260/230 >1.9
Yield of nucleic acid >85%
Extraction time ~45 minutes
Sample capacity 96 samples per run
Sample volumes 100-300 ul
Sample types supported Swab samples, saliva, serum, plasma, cultured cells etc

High yield

Magpure Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit yield

Complete kit format
The kit is supplied as a complete, pre-aliquoted package with all of the required plastics and reagents that can be used directly after removing the plate sealing film.

Component Format
96 tip combs 1 x 96-tip
Sample plate 1 x 500 μl x 96 well
Magnetic bead plate 200 μl x 96 well
Wash plate I 600 μl x 96 well
Wash plate II 2 x 600 μl x 96 well
Elution plate 100 μl x 96 well
Proteinase K 2 x 1 ml

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NEST™ MagPure® Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit (Magnetic Beads Method) for Kingfisher™ Flex 202301 · Wuxi NEST Biotechnology
Wuxi NEST Biotechnology
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