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LoopSeq Transcriptome kit

LoopSeq™ Transcriptome library preparation kits enable the generation of long read data from short read Illumina® sequencers with no extra hardware required. Using a set of enzymes to propagate a barcode intramolecularly through any piece of DNA or RNA, the LoopSeq kits use a simple, single tube workflow to eliminate PCR and GC bias as molecules are labelled in the first step and only sequenced/reported once. With significantly reduced error rates compared to those of PacBio® and Oxford Nanopore®, LoopSeq Transcriptome kits accurately determine not only transcript abundance but also unique isoforms.

Benefits of using these LoopSeq kits
• Simple, single tube workflow 
• Highly accurate long-read sequencing
• Unique molecular identifier (UMI)-based transcript counting – barcode based quantification with no PCR bias

LoopSeq workflow

LoopSeq workflow

1. Get the kit
2. Upload results - securely upload FASTQ results to Loop's cloud pipeline
3. Receive data - download FASTQ and CSV files with classification and quantification data

LoopSeq Workflow

LoopSeq technology

LoopSeq technology

LoopSeq technology uses single-molecule counting, which makes it possible to calculate true transcript abundance using barcode based quantification with no PCR bias.

Comparison of Loop Genomics technology vs. Illumina® technology using an ERCC control sample

Comparison of Loop Genomics technology vs. Illumina® technology using an ERCC control sample.

TruSeq® (left) and LoopSeq Transcriptome kit (right) comparison. TruSeq® provides short reads and quantification via coverage whereas LoopSeq provides synthetic long reads from short reads with single-molecule quantification. Data shows that the LoopSeq Transcriptome kit provides a much more accurate quantification of the synthetic ERCC synthetic control sample.

Product information

Assay time 8.5 hours
Hands-on time 2.5 hours
Mechanism of action Synthetic long-read sequencing
Multiplexing Allows for 8 samples to be processed in one tube
Input quantity 10 ng of total RNA
Category Transcriptome
System compatibility HiSeq® 2500, HiSeq® 3000, HiSeq® 4000, NextSeq®, NovaSeq®, MiSeq®, MiniSeq®
Nucleic acid type RNA
Method 2 x 150 Paired End (PE) sequencing
Specialised sample types Eukaryotic sample
Technology Assembly of synthetic long-reads from short-reads
Automation capability Yes

• Full length single molecule isoform discovery and examination of splicing
• Detection of structural variants (segmental duplications, gene loss and fusion events)
• Detect RNA editing SNPs
• UMI-based transcript counting

Material available for download
LoopSeq Transcriptome kit protocol
LoopSeq Transcriptome kit quick start guide

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