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LoopSeq long-read microbiome sequencing

LoopSeq™ microbiome library preparation kits from Loop Genomics enable synthetic long reads from Illumina® sequencers, allowing researchers to analyse the full V1-V9 variable regions of the 16s and 18s rRNA molecule with no requirement for additional hardware.

Combining single molecule counting, long reads and consensus error correction, LoopSeq offers the lowest possible false positive rate and the most accurate classification of any metagenomics kit on the market. 

Loop Genomics technology
Using a set of enzymes to propagate a barcode intra-molecularly through a sample, LoopSeq kits use a simple, single tube workflow. Molecules are labelled in the first step and only sequenced/reported once, thus removing PCR bias and allowing accurate quantitation. This allows molecules present in very low abundance to be reported, rather than getting lost in the noise introduced by PCR. Learn more about Loop Genomics technology.

Benefits of using the LoopSeq kit
• Full V1 – V9 region covered
• Single tube workflow after 20-minute labelling step
• 24 individual microbiome samples multiplexed in a single tube
• Avoids PCR & GC bias
• Consensus error correction lowers error rate

LoopSeq benefits

LoopSeq versus short read microbiome classification

Long read versus short read microbiome classification

LoopSeq enables the analyis of the full V1-V9 variable regions of the 16s and 18s rRNA molecule.

LoopSeq provides greater specificity and accuracy to reduce false positives

23 false positives

0 false positives

• Full length 16s and 18s (V1-V9)
• Shot gun metagenomics and microbial genome sequencing
• Custom microbiome markers

Material available for download
LoopSeq 16S Microbiome 24-plex Kit and LoopSeq™ 16S and 18S Microbiome 24-plex Kit user manual

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LoopSeq™ 18S & ITS Mycobiome Kit LG18SITS12S24RXNS · Loop Genomics
Loop Genomics
24 reactions £1018.00
24 reactions
LoopSeq™ 16S Read Cloud Kit LG16S24RXNSSRC · Loop Genomics
Loop Genomics
24 reactions £814.00
24 reactions
LoopSeq™ 16S & 18S Read Cloud Kit LG16S18S24RXNSSRC · Loop Genomics
Loop Genomics
24 reactions £814.00
24 reactions