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Locus & sequence specific 5-hmC quantification - Quest™

This range of highly specific detection kits are for the site or locus/sequence specific detection of 5-hydroxymethylcytosine (5-hmC). Employing a robust and specific 5-hmC glucosyltransferase to tag 5-hmC residues but not unmodified cytosines or 5-methylcytosine, our range of Quest™ detection kits provide convenient and easy-to-use tools for 5-hmC detection.

Benefits of using the Quest 5-hmC Detection Kits™
• Sequence and locus-specific 5-hmC detected
• High specificity
• Single tube reaction format
• Simple protocol
• GSRE flexible format
• Wide downstream application compatibility
• Provided with DNA Clean & Concentrator™-5 columns – DNA ready for downstream analysis

Quest 5-hmC Detection Kit™ workflow
Quest 5-hmC Detection Kit
Quest 5-hmC Detection Lite Kit™
The Quest 5-hmC Detection Kit™ is supplied complete with the GSRE Mspl while the Quest 5-hmC Detection Lite Kit™ contains no GSRE allowing the researcher to use their GSRE enzyme of choice offering additional flexibility for all experiments.

Material available for download
Quest 5-hmC Detection Kit™ protocol

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