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Lentiviral Titering - Global UltraRapid™ Lentiviral Titer Kit

Cambridge Bioscience offers a kit for the measurement of exact infectivity of a virus with no inactive virus background with our global UltraRapid™ lentiviral titer kit. Rapidly measure pseudoviral particles generated with SBI's FIV and HIV lentiviral vectors or libraries and for the measurement of the copy numbers of integrated lentiviral constructs in genomic DNA of transduced target cells.

Benefits of using the Global UltraRapid™ Lentiviral Titer Kit
• Rapid - < 3 hours from cells-to-titer
• Accurate lentiviral titer measurement
• No isolation or concentration of genomic DNA required
• Built-in reference control for normalization
• Dynamic titering up to 15 MOI
• Compatible with most WPRE-containing lenti-constructs and all SBI lentivectors

The titer of each sample is then determined by calculating the amount of WPRE element relative to that of Ultra Conserved Region 1 (UCR1) DNA against a standard curve generated with the provided calibration standards. The advantage of the the LV961A-1 kit is that the UCR1 primers are completely compatible with both Human and Mouse genomes, thus you can titer from either of those cell types.

Material Available for Download
Global UltraRapid™ Titering Kit Manual

Global UltraRapid™ Titering Kit Citations


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