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Lentiviral Packaging, Concentration & Transduction - LentiStarter™

Cambridge Bioscience offers a kit for researchers new to lentiviral work. Utilising a third-generation biosafe lentivector system, the highly convenient LentiStarter™ kit provides all the necessary components for HIV-based packaging, concentration and transduction for stable integration and expression to a wide range of mammalian cells.

Benefits of the Using LentiStarter™ 2.0 Kit
• Convenient, all-in-one sample kit for transducible lentiviral particle production
• 3rd generation lentiviral construct compatible
• Highly efficient delivery 3rd generation lentivector constructs
• Compatible with a wide range of mammalian cells
• High titer enabled (>10^9 IFU/ml) - suitable for in-vivo applications
• Flexibility - each product is available individually

LentiStarter™ 2.0 Component Summary
1. Virus packaging - pPACKH1 packaging mix (100 µl)
Packaging plasmid & pVSV-G envelope vector are used alongside the researchers own viral expression construct to co-transfect the 293TN producer cell lines (purchased separately) generating pantropic lentiviral particles.
To find out more about pPack, please Click Here
2. PureFection plasmid transfection reagent (120 µl)
Co-transfect lentivector constructs with the pPACK™ packaging mix using Purefection into 293TN producer cells
3. Virus Concentration - PEG-it concentration solution (20 ml)
This solution concentrates lentivirus particles to a concentration necessary for transduction. The reagent concentrates lentiviral particles 10-100 fold & requires no specialist equipment.
To find out more about PEG-it™, please Click Here
4. Virus Delivery - TransDux virus transduction reagent (50 µl of 200x)
Mix concentrated lentivirus particles with TransDux solution to transduce target cells with virus. The solution improves viral delivery & is compatible with many hard-to-infect cells.
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Material Available for Download
Lentistarter™ 2.0 Kit Flyer
Lentistarter™ 2.0 Kit Protocol


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293TN Producer Cell Line LV900A-1 · System Biosciences
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