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Lentiviral packaging, concentration & titering kit - LentiSuite™

Cambridge Bioscience offers an entire suite of products for the packaging, concentration and titering of pseudoviral particles. Utilising third-generation lentivector systems, LentiSuite™ provides the necessary tools for the processing of infectious particles ready for transduction into target cells for stable integration and expression.

Benefits of using the LentiSuite™ Toolkit
• Less than three hours to determine virus titers
• High titer enabled (>10^9 IFU/ml)
• Ideal for hard to transfect cells
• Mammalian cell compatible
• Replicating and nondividing cell compatible
• Third generation FIV or HIV based systems available

LentiSuite™ Toolkit
The LentiSuite™ Toolkit contains the following components for lentiviral packaging, concentration and titering:

1. Packaging: pPACK packaging plasmid mix
Provides the structural and replication proteins necessary to generate pantropic VSV-G-pseudotyped lentiviral particles. pPACK plasmids are co-transfected alongside the researcher's own lentiviral construct into a 293TN producer cell line (included in the LentiSuite™ kit) optimised for lentiviral particle production.

2. Virus concentration: PEG-it™ concentration solution (5ml)
Concentrates lentivirus particles to a concentration necessary for transduction, concentrating lentiviral particles 10-100 fold. No specialist equipment required.

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3. Titering: Global UltraRapid™ titering kit
Enables the rapid measurement of copy numbers of integrated lentiviral constructs in the genomic DNA of transduced cells. The kit contains all the necessary reagents to quantify endogenous UCR1 elements in both mouse and human genomes and the pseudo-lentiviral specific WPRE element in less than three hours.

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LentiSuite Basic Kit LV340A-1 · System Biosciences
System Biosciences
10 preparations £963.00
10 preparations
LentiSuite Deluxe Kit LV350A-1 · System Biosciences
System Biosciences
10 preparations £1544.00
10 preparations