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2D and 3D culture systems for disease modelling: IN SITE Metastasis Kit

The IN SITE™ Metastasis Kits from Xylyx provide the tissue-specific composition and key extracellular features of the metastatic secondary site microenvironments for disease modelling. For 2D (surface coating) or 3D (hydrogel) cell culture, these kits incorporate bone, liver and lung ECM components present in the native tissue to enable physiologically-relevant studies of metastatic tumour colonisation or dormacy as well as accelerate drug development.

Benefits of using the IN SITE Metastasis kits
• Contains tissue-specific ECM components
• Lot-to-lot consistency
• Easy-to-use
• Hydrogel derived from normal porcine tissue
• Hydrogel kit supports cell & organoid cultures
• Compatible with standard cell culture protocols

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IN SITE Metastasis Kit incorporates bone, liver and lung ECM surface coatings or hydrogels

The IN SITE Metastasis kits incorporate native tissue bone, liver, and lung extracellular matrices to provide key features of site-specific microenvironments

• Carcinogenesis
• Migration
• Metastasis
• 2D and 3D in-vitro models
• Drug testing in secondary sites
• High-throughput screening

NativeCoat citations

Material available for download
IN SITE Metastasis surface coating kit protocol
IN SITE Metastasis hydrogel kit protocol
Application note: IN SITE Metastasis Kit - Accelerating cancer drug development
TissueSpec Bone ECM Hydrogel datasheet
TissueSpec Liver ECM Hydrogel datasheet
TissueSpec Lung ECM Hydrogel datasheet


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Details Cat number & supplier Size Price
IN SITE™ Metastasis Surface Coating Kit MTSMS201 · Xylyx
1 ml per each of 3 tissue types £180.00
1 ml per each of 3 tissue types
IN SITE™ Metastasis Hydrogel Kit MTSMS101 · Xylyx
1 ml per each of 3 tissue types £294.00
1 ml per each of 3 tissue types