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Human PBMCs

Cambridge Bioscience has a close collaboration with an HTA-licensed, London-based clinic dedicated to the collection and processing of human blood for research purposes.

Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) are a heterogenous mix of white blood cells each having a round nucleus. PBMC are widely used in research and provide a useful tool for studying a broad range of immune responses in vitro.

Our human PBMC collection service provides researchers with high viability PBMC that have been isolated within hours of blood collection. Delivery of fresh and frozen PBMC is available for day after collection blood.

Benefits of our PBMC service
• Overnight delivery of fresh and frozen PBMC across Europe
• Specific donor requests accommodated
• Chilled or frozen delivery temperature
• Large donor pool
• Comprehensive donor information provided
• Serology screening prior to dispatch
• Samples fully consented including for genetic analysis and commercial research purposes


Contact our blood specialists
To request a quote or find out more, please contact our blood specialists

These products are for research use only and not for any human diagnostic or therapeutic use. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have necessary licensing and ethics approvals in place for the use, storage and disposal of any human tissue related material supplied by Cambridge Bioscience.


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