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Highly sensitive glucose uptake assays

BioVision's colourimetric and fluorometric glucose uptake assays are easy to use and highly sensitive, used for quantifying glucose uptake in cells. 2-deoxyglucose (2 DG) has structural similarity to glucose so can be taken up by glucose transporters and metabolised to 2 DG 6 phosphate (2 DG6P). However, 2 DG6P cannot be further metabolised and consequently accumulates in the cells. This accumulated 2 DG6P is directly proportional to glucose uptake and can be used to quantify uptake.

Benefits of using these glucose uptake assays
• Highly sensitive
- Colourimetric LoD: 10 pmol/well
- Fluorometric LoD: 50 pmol/well
• Compatible across all mammalian species
• Easy to use
• Nonradioactive

1. Colourimetric assay detection
2DG6P is oxidised to generate NADPH, which is determined by an enzymatic recycling amplification reaction.

2. Fluorometric assay detection
2DG6P is enzymatically oxidised and coupled to a highly sensntive probe, which generates fluorescence in the presence of NADPH.

(a)  2-DG6P  Standard curve (b), (c) and (d) 2-DG uptake in human adipocytes, Hela Cells and 3T3-L1 cells respectively. Assays were performed following kit protocol.I=Insulin;P=Phloretin.

Material available for download
Glucose Uptake Colourimetric Assay kit protocol
Glucose Uptake Fluorometric Assay kit protocol


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Glucose Uptake Colorimetric Assay Kit K676-100 · BioVision
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Glucose Uptake Fluorometric Assay Kit K666-100 · BioVision
100 assays £1181.00
100 assays