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Green fluorescent mitochondrial mass dye - MitoView™ Green

Biotium's green fluorescent mitochondrial dye relies on mitochondrial mass (not on mitochondrial membrane potential) and therefore enables mitochondrial staining in both live and fixed cells. MitoView™ Green is spectrally similar to FITC, making it optimally excitable by the 488 nm argon laser line. Following staining with MitoView™ Green, live cells stained with the dye may then be fixed with formaldehyde.


Benefits of using MitoView™ Green
• Staining relies on mitochondrial mass
• Mitochondrial staining in live and fixed cells

Material available for download
MitoView™ Green protocol


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Details Cat number & supplier Size Price
MitoView™ Green BT70054 · Biotium
20 x 50 ug £180.00
20 x 50 ug