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GenapSys Sequencing Prep System

Automated clonal amplification and enrichment with just minutes of hands-on-time

The GenapSys™ Sequencing Prep System automates clonal amplication and enrichment for downstream sequencing with just minutes of hands-on-time. Utlising magnetic bead technology to isolate template-positive particles and cartridge based reagents, amplified product can be immediately loaded onto the GenapSys sequencing chips ready for sequencing.GenapSys Sequencing Prep System

Features of the GenapSys Sequencing Prep System
• Optimised for use with the GenapSys Sequencer
• Automated clonal amplication and enrichment
• Minimal hands-on-time
• Cartridge-based reagents
• Small footprint

GenapSys Sequencer
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GenapSys Sequencing Prep System 1000712 · GenapSys
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