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GenapSys Sequencer

Accurate and affordable sequencing with scalable capacity right on your benchtop

The GenapSys™ Sequencer is the leader in the new generation of sequencing enabling affordable sequencing with scalable capacity from your own lab bench, without compromising on accuracy.

Based on a proprietary NGS technology with proven sequencing-by-synthesis chemistry and utilising electrical-based detection of single nucleotide incorporations, sequencing is carried out on microfluidic chips (CMOS chips) that have a scalable number of detectors for applications ranging right from targeted sequencing of specific amplicons to genome-scale data collection. Taking the step from optical to electrical sequencing, removes the typical restrictions associated with core lab sequencing allowing you to be in control of your sequencing in your own lab.

Benefits of the GenapSys SequencerGenapSys sequencer

  • Fast, cost-effective runs that match your sample throughput needs and applications
  • Perform runs on your own schedule, without having to wait for additional sample batching
  • Control the sequencing process from beginning to end  for higher confidence in sample integrity and data analysis results

Features of the GenapSys Sequencer
• Accurate - >80% bases >Q30 accuracy and >150 bp read length
• Scalable - 1 million, 16 million and 144 million sensor chips
• No excessive sample batching
• No need for additional data servers when using GenHub (included as standard)
• Cloud based server for analysis wherever you wish

GenapSys Sequencer summary

4 step workflow
1. Library preparationGenapSys Sequencer workflow
The Genapsys Sequencer is compatible with a broad range of library preparation methodologies.

2. Clonal amplification
The addition of pooled libraries and run consumables is followed by a simple run setup process. The GenapSys Sequencing Prep System automates the clonal amplification procedure in an unattended 4-hour run. The amplified product is then ready for sequencing.

3. Sequencing
Amplified material is loaded into a sequencing chip. The user-friendly system interface guides the user through consumable loading and run setup . Using a proprietary high accuracy SBS chemistry, high-quality data is delivered.

4. Data Analysis
Output is a standard FASTQ file. Existing secondary analysis tools can be used to analyse this data. For highest quality results, it is recommended that GenHub (GenapSys proprietary cloud hosted solution) is used to run secondary analyses with empirically derived, optimised parameters for GenapSys data. GenHub also enables real-time monitoring of the status of the sequencing run, as well as accessing FASTQ and VCF files of all runs.

16M chip (initial output of 1.2 - 2.0 Gb/run) 16M chips clusters and 144M chips
• Amplicon based targeted resequencing
• Hybridization capture based targeted resequencing
• Long-range PCR targeted resequencing
• Small genome sequencing
• Gene editing validation
• 16S rRNA-sequencing
• Targeted mRNA sequencing
• Small RNA sequencing
• Targeted single cell assay sequencing
• Highly multiplexed targeted panels
• Exomes
• Transcriptomes
• Single cell gene expression

CMOS chips
The CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) chips are the first chips to deliver purely electrical-based sequencing. On the surface of the chips are millions of sensors, each designed to capture one clonally amplified bead. Every sensor consists of electrodes in close proximity, which contact the bead captured by that sensor. Nucleotide incorporation into a growing DNA strand increases the amount of charged molecules around the bead changing the impedance measured by the sensor. The magnitude of the impedance change is correlated to the total change in the charge of DNA molecules and their surrounding layers around the bead. This correlates to the number of incorporated nucleotides.

GenapSys Sequencer CMOS chips

GenHub is GenapSys' proprietary cloud hosted solution for analysing data from the GenapSyS sequencer. GenHub removes the need for expensive additional localized servers and enables real-time monitoring of the status of the sequencing run, as well as accessing FASTQ and VCF files of all runs. GenHub is included for free with the GenapSys Sequencer.

GenapSys Sequencing Prep System
The GenapSys Sequencing Prep System automates clonal amplication and enrichment for downstream sequencing with just minutes of hands-on-time. Find out more.

Material available to download
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