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Fast Nucleosomal DNA Isolation - EZ Nucleosomal DNA Prep Kit

Cambridge Bioscience offers a streamlined kit for the rapid isolation of mammalian and yeast nucleosome-associated DNA. In less than 45 minutes, the EZ nucleosomal DNA prep kit produces pure nucleosomal DNA by specifically degrading non-nucleosomal DNA and purifying nucleosome asssociated DNA.

This kit supports procedures for cell nucleic isolation, intact nuclei micrococcal nuclease digestion and nucleosomal DNA purification. 

 Benefits of Using the EZ Nucleosomal DNA Prep Kit
• Pure nucleosomal DNA produced
• > 45 minute protocol
• 70-90% recovery for 75 bp - 10 kb DNA
• 50-70% recovery for 11 bp - 23 kb DNA
• Fresh & frozen cell compatible
• Ideal for use in nucleosome mapping studies
• Homogenous populations of core nucleosomes yielded

The nucleosomal DNA produced by the EZ nucleosomal DNA prep kit is ideal for:
• PCR amplification
• Arrays
• Southern blot analysis
• DNA quantification
• Sequencing

Material Available For Download
EZ Nucleosomal DNA Prep Kit Protocol

EZ Nucleosomal DNA Prep Kit Citation List


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