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Enrich & Quantify cf-miRNAs From Plasma & Serum - miR-Direct®

Cambridge Bioscience offers assays enabling RT-qPCR miRNA quantification directly from biofluids with higher sensitivity than LNA-based methods. By successfully eliminating inhibitors of enzymatic reactions, miR-Direct® offers unparalleled specificity in discrimination of closely related miRNA sequence variants (isoforms and isomiRs) without total RNA purification. miRNAs in whole blood are detected more robustly and more sensitively than the competitor capture-qPCR method for detection of cf-miRNAs in urine. miR-Direct® also has less inter-assay variability and greater sensitivity than column-purification methods for detection of cf-miRNAs in plasma.

Current Problems with miRNA Isolation from Biofluids

These miR-Direct® assays incorporate miR-ID® qPCR detection, the only qPCR method capable of accurately quantifying closely related miRNA sequences. To find out more about miR-ID®, please Click Here.

Benefits Of Using The miR-Direct® Assays
• Direct miRNA detection from biofluids
• Front-end processing in a single tube
• Eliminates  inhibitors of enzymatic reactions (including heparin)
• No solvent extraction or column purification
• Higher sensitivity than LNA-based methods
• Quantitative & proportional detection over 25-400 µl sample volumes
• Robust miRNA detection in whole blood
• More sensitive than the competitor capture-qPCR method for cf-miRNA detection in urine
• Less inter-assay variability & greater sensitivity than column-purification methods for cf-miRNA detection in plasma
• Eliminates organic liquid/liquid extractions in cf-miRNA analysis
• Multiplexing until PCR steps

miR-Direct® Scheme

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