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Endotoxin core antibodies (EndoCab®) ELISA

Hycult Biotech offers a fast ELISA for the detection and quantification of endotoxin-core antibodies in cell culture medium, plasma or serum. The EndoCab® Human ELISA requires only 100 μl/well working volume and can be completed in two and a half hours.

Detection levels of the EndoCab® Human ELISA

  • IgG EndoCab® Antibodies to IgG Endotoxin-Core Antibodies

Minimum detection level IgG EndoCab® antibodies is 0.13 GMU/ml
Standard curve of IgG from 0.13‑8 GMU/­ml

  • IgM EndoCab® Antibodies to IgM Endotoxin-Core Antibodies

Minimum detection level IgM EndoCab® antibodies is 0.05 MMU/ml
Standard curve of IgM from 0.05-3.5 MMU/ml

  • IgA EndoCab® Antibodies to IgA Endotoxin-Core Antibodies

Minimum detection level IgA EndoCab® antibodies is 0.16 AMU/ml
Standard curve of IgA from 0.16-10 AMU/ml

Benefits of using EndoCab® Human ELISAEndotoxin core antibodies ELISA
• Two and a half hour working time
• Cell culture medium, plasma and serum compatibility
• 100 μl/well working volume
• Efficient strip well format

Formats available
The exclusively available EndoCAb ELISA kit is provided in three different formats: IgA, IgG and IgM.

Kit contents
HK504 – all isotypes & 1 plate
HK504-AG – one plate of each isotype
The different version allow flexibility for pre-screening of a cohort or for setting up initial experiments.

Material available for download
EndoCab® Human ELISA kit manual

EndoCab® Human ELISA citation list

The EndoCab® standard median-units IgG, IgM and IgA (MU) are arbitrary and are based on medians of ranges for 1,000 healthy adults in a particular locality. It has not been established whether normal EndoCab® values vary by region, culture or race. Users should establish appropriate local statistical controls for their studies. It is advised that studies of any patient group should always be controlled by studies of appropriately selected contrasting clinical groups and/or healthy individuals recruited locally.

EndoCab® is a registered trademark. Used under license from the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service.


Note: product availability depends on country - see product detail page.

Details Cat number & supplier Size Price
EndoCab® IgA, Human, ELISA kit HK504-IGA · Hycult Biotech
Hycult Biotech
96 detections £683.00
96 detections
EndoCab® IgG, Human, ELISA kit HK504-IGG · Hycult Biotech
Hycult Biotech
96 detections £683.00
96 detections
EndoCab® IgM, Human, ELISA kit HK504-IGM · Hycult Biotech
Hycult Biotech
96 detections £683.00
96 detections
EndoCab®, Human, ELISA kit HK504-AGM · Hycult Biotech
Hycult Biotech
3 x 96 detections £1365.00
3 x 96 detections