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Complete Bisulphite Conversion For RNA Methylation Analysis - EZ RNA Methylation™ Kit

Cambridge Bioscience offers a kit for the rapid and reliable bisulfite treatment and complete conversion of cytosines in RNA for methylation analysis. Integrating denaturation and bisulphite conversion into a single-step the EZ RNA Methylation™ kit eliminates cumbersome precipitations, reduces template degradation and minimises DNA loss during treatment and clean-up.
EZ RNA Methylation Kit Protocol
Benefits of Using the EZ RNA Methylation™ Kit
• Fast & reliable bisulfite conversion
• >99% conversion efficiency
• >99% protection of 5-methylcytosine
• Excellent RNA recovery - >80%
• Streamlined process
• Template degradation & loss of RNA minimised
• Messy precipitation steps eliminated
• Wide sample compatibility

Sequencing Results Following Bisulfite Treatment

EZ RNA Methylation Sequencing Results

RNA with methylated C (5-mC) at nucleotide position #7 was processed using the EZ RNA methylation™ kit. Recovered RNA was amplified by RT-PCR, cloned and sequenced. The methylated cytosine at position #7 remained intact. The non-methylated cytosines at positions #3, 4, and 13 were completely converted into uracil (post-bisulfite treatment) and detected as thymine following RT-PCR and sequencing.

• Sequencing
• Library preparation
• Next-Gen sequencing

Material Available For Download
EZ RNA Methylation™ Kit Protocol

EZ RNA Methylation™ Kit Citations


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EZ RNA Methylation Kit R5001 · Zymo Research
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50 preparations
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200 preparations £684.00
200 preparations