Cambridge Bioscience offers highly characterised Cl-Amidine in a crystalline solid form at ≥95% purity. Cl-Amidine acts as an inhibitor of PAD4 deimination activity with an IC50 value of 5.9µM in an in vitro activity assay.

Product Specifications
CAS number: 1043444-18-3
Purity: ≥95%
Format: Crystalline solid
FW: 424.8
Stability: 1 year

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Details Cat number & supplier Size Price
Cl-Amidine (hydrochloride) CAY10599-1 mg · Cayman Chemical
CAY10599-1 mg
Cayman Chemical
1 mg £44.00
1 mg
Cl-Amidine (hydrochloride) CAY10599-5 mg · Cayman Chemical
CAY10599-5 mg
Cayman Chemical
5 mg £175.00
5 mg
Cl-Amidine (hydrochloride) CAY10599-10 mg · Cayman Chemical
CAY10599-10 mg
Cayman Chemical
10 mg £241.00
10 mg