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Citrate Synthase Activity Assay

Cambridge Bioscience offers a citrate synthase activity assay from Biovision. With a wide sample compatibility, this simple kit enables the detection of the rate of activity of citrate synthase by measuring the absorbance of a coloured product at 412nm. Less than 1 mU citrate synthase activity can be detected in animal tissues, adherent and suspension cells and intact purified mitochondria.

Benefits of Using the Citrate Synthase Activity Assay
• Sensitive - < 1 mU
• Simple protocol
• Rapid
• Wide sample compatibility
• Detection method - absorbance (412 nm)

Citrate Synthase Activity Assay Curves
Citrate Synthase Activity Assay


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Citrate Synthase Activity Colorimetric Assay Kit K318-100 · BioVision
100 assays £575.00
100 assays