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Cell-free switching system: OriCiro

The OriCiro® Cell-Free Switching System from OriCiro Genomics allows you to switch your plasmid DNA amplification method from living cells to the OriCiro cell-free, enzymatic amplification system. This efficient and streamlined approach, through simple insertion of the OriC Cassettes, enables amplification of circular DNA without E. coli transformation and is ideal for genetic engineering applications. 

Benefits of using the OriCiro Cell-Free Switching System
• Simple simple two-step enzymatic reaction
• Applicable to pUC-, pET- and pGEM-based vectors of 4-13 kb
• Endotoxin free
• Yields up to 1 μg supercoiled DNA per 10 μg reaction
• No need to make glycerol stock
• Efficient cloning for cytotoxic sequences

OriCiro technology
The simple two-step enzymatic reaction inserts single stranded OriC Cassettes into plasmid DNA, enabling the amplification of circular DNA molecules within hours. 

OriCiro Switch Technology

The SS OriC Cassettes
The SS OriC Cassette is inserted into the plasmid DNA using the Cell-Free Switching System and is amplified. The Cassettes contain complementary ends to the target site present in pUC, pET and pGEM based plasmids.

SS cassette












4kb: pUC-based vector with a 4K size. 7 kb: pET-based vector with 1.8K genes inserted. 13 kb: OriCiro's original circular DNA. 
-: Plasmid DNA before the Switching System reaction
+: Plasmid DNA after the Switching System reaction

Target plasmid DNAs compatable with the Switching System
• pUC vectors
• pBluescript® vectors
• pGEM® vectors
• pTZ vectors
• pBR322 and derivatives

Materials available for download
OriCiro Cell-Free Switching System safety data sheet
OriCiro Cell-Free Switching System manual


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