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Arginase Activity Assay Kit

Cambridge Bioscience offers highly sensitive kit for the detection of arginase activity in cells and tissues. With wide sample compatibility, this simple kit enables the rapid detection of activity levels of 0.2 U/L using the OxiRed™ probe to generate a coloured product with an OD 570nm.

Benefits of Using this Arginase Activity Kit
• Sensitive - < 0.2U/L in 96-well assay format
• Simple protocol
• Rapid
• Wide sample compatibility
• Detection method - absorbance (570 nm)

Arginase Activity Assay Kit Graphs
Arginase Activity Assay Standard Curvea. H2O2 standard curve
b. Arginase activity in rat liver lysate (3ug) & positive control (2ul). Assays were performed following the kit protocol


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Details Cat number & supplier Size Price
Arginase Activity Colorimetric Assay Kit K755-100 · BioVision
100 assays £575.00
100 assays