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Alkaline phosphatase staining kit

The Alkaline Phosphatase Staining Kits from SBI offer a specific, sensitive and reliable method for phenotypic assessment of AP expression at the surface of stem cells. Suitable for use on cells grown in tissue culture wells or dishes, these kits can be used to discriminate between undifferentiated and differentiated cells with AP-positive, undifferentiated stem cells staining red or blue.

Benefits of using the AP Staining Kits
• Discriminates between pluripotent and differentiated cells
• Fast developing stain
• Stain does not readily fade
• Use with cells grown in tissue culture wells or dishes
• Analysis after 15-30 mins after application
• Stained samples can be stored at 4°C for up to one week

AP Staining Kit example results

Staining of mouse induced pluripotent stem cells using the Blue-Color and Red-Color AP staining kit. AP-positive colonies appear either blue or red to purple, while the surrounding feeder cells appear colourless.

iPS Verification Kit
The AP kit can be purchased individually or as part of the complete iPS Verification Kit containing the AP Staining Kit and four affinity purified, validated stem cell marker antibodies.
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Material available for download

AP Staining Kit manual


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Blue-Color AP Staining Kit AP100B-1 · System Biosciences
System Biosciences
50 assays £189.00
50 assays