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NGS panels for ready-to-sequence library preparation

The Accel-Amplicon® NGS Panels from Swift Biosciences employ a rapid 2 hour workflow to prepare ready-to-sequence next-generation sequencing (NGS) libraries including pre-designed panels for cancer gene profiling, or custom panels for specific genes of interest. The product range uses primer pairs which are compatible with short DNA fragments and designed for generating libraries from input DNA as low as 10 ng. This facilitates applications which utilise limiting or damaged samples such as FFPE and cfDNA and provides a powerful solution for detecting variants and screening clinically relevant mutations with a limit of detection down to 1%.

Benefits of using the Accel-Amplicon NGS panels
• Core and/or customisable gene content
• 2 hour protocol
• 10ng input cfNDA or FFPE DNA
• Compatible with Illumina®, Ion Torrent™ & PacBio® systems
• 1% VAF detection limit
• Interrogate SNVs, CNV, insertions & deletions

Comparison of Accel-Amplicon workflow to competitors

Comparison of Accel-Amplicon workflow  to competitors

Material available for download
Accel-Amplicon® Plus Cancer panels datasheet
AGBT 2018 poster - The right tool for the job: two platforms for targeted DNA sequencing
AACR 2018 poster - Low frequency variant detection in cell free DNA by applying molecular identifiers to targeted NGS

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