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NxGen® Grade Phi29 DNA Polymerases

Transfection Ready Plasmid DNA In 20 Minutes With ZymoPURE II

Total RNA & DNA purification from TRI Reagent® - Direct-zol™ DNA/RNA

Total RNA & DNA purification from TRI Reagent® - Direct-zol™ DNA/RNA

Cambridge Bioscience offers a unique spin-column based method for the purification of high-quality DNA and total RNA directly from any sample in TRI Reagent®. Bypassing chloroform, phase separation and precipitation steps and with no need for separate purification, the Direct-zol™ DNA/RNA is ideal for DNA and RNA purification from a wide range of sample types in TRI Reagent® or similar.

Benefits Of Using Direct-zol DNA/RNA
• DNA & RNA purification directly from TRI Reagent® or similar with just one-spin column
• Bypasses chloroform, phase separation & precipitation steps
• High-quality DNA & RNA (including small & miRNAs) from the same sample
• DNA/RNA is ready for next-generation sequencing, RT/PCR & hybridization
• No need to perform separate DNA & RNA purification steps
• Compatible with a wide range of sample types including animal cells, tissue, bacteria, yeast, plant and biological liquids

Direct-zol DNA/RNA Workflow


DNA & RNA is NGS-Ready

Direct-zol DNA/RNA Purification

High quality DNA and RNA purified in duplicate from the same input of mammalian (HeLa) and bacterial (E. coli) cells using the Direct-zol DNA/RNA Miniprep Kit. Samples were visualised using the Agilent 2200 TapeStation®

• Nucleic acid purification
• Hybridisation

Material Available For Download
Direct-zol™ DNA/RNA Brochure
Direct-zol™ DNA/RNA Protocol

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