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mRNA based live cell stain - Viromer® Cytostain

mRNA based live cell stain - Viromer® Cytostain

Lipocalyx's Viromer® Cytostain is an mRNA based live cell staining solution for the staining of targeted subcellular compartments. With mRNAs encoding for fluorescent fusion proteins precomplexed to Viromer® nanoparticles, expression is strong, fast and transient with minimal toxicity and no need to fix cells. Providing an alternative to chemical staining, Viromer® Cytostain is the only mRNA-based biological staining method commercially available.

Benefits of using Viromer® Cytostain
• Biological live cell staining of subcellular compartments
• mRNAs encoding for fluorescent proteins
• Fast, strong & transient expression - as early as 4h, peak at 16h, up to 52h
• Non-viral
• No need to fix cells
• Possibility of any downstream experiments
• Minimal toxicity with no chemical disruption
• Ready-to-use lyophilised product
• Straightforward protocol

How Viromer Cytostain works

Viromer Cytostain How It Works

 Formats available:

Organelle Colour Fluorophore Catalogue number
Cytoskeleton (actin) Red mCherry Cyto-01-001
Cytoskeleton (tubulin) Orange mOrange2 Cyto-02-001
Mitochondria Green mEGFP Cyto-03-001
Cell membrane Red tdTomato Cyto-04-001
Cell membrane Cyan mTurquoise2 Cyto-04-002
Golgi Yellow mCitrine Cyto-05-001
Nucleus Blue EBFP2 Cyto-06-001

Customised constructs are also possible. Please talk to our Lipocalyx Specialist Here to discuss further.

Format Figure 1

Format Figure 2

Format Figure 3

Format Figure 4

• Biological staining of live cells
• (Co-)localisation studies
• Cell trafficking
• Organelle dynamics
• Morphology screening


Note: availability depends on country - see product detail page.

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Applications: Live cell staining
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Applications: Live cell staining
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