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Small RNA Library Preparation For NGS


Highly effective & efficient in vitro delivery of Cas9 RNP for genome editing in challenging cells

Long read transcriptome seq from Illumina® sequencers - LoopSeq™

Long read transcriptome seq from Illumina® sequencers - LoopSeq™

LoopSeq™ transcriptome library preparation kits enable the generation of long read data from short read Illumina™ sequencers with no extra hardware required. Using a set of enzymes to propagate a barcode intramolecularly through any piece of DNA or RNA, the LoopSeq™ kits use a simple, single tube workflow to eliminate PCR and GC bias as molecules are labelled in the first step and only sequenced/reported once.

Benefits of using these LoopSeq™ kits
• Single tube workflow after 20 minute labelling step
• 24 individual mRNA samples multiplexed in a single tube
• Full length trancripts
• UMI Based transcriptome counting
• Consensus error correction lowers Illumina output error

LoopSeq™ workflow


​LoopSeq™ Service

1. Get the kit
2. Upload results - securely upload FASTQ results to Loop's cloud pipeline
3. Receive data - download FASTQ and CSV files with classification and quantification data

LoopSeq™ Workflow

• Full length single molecule isoform discovery and examination of splicing
• Detection of structural variants (segmental duplications, gene loss and fusion events)
• Detect RNA editing SNPs
• UMI-based transcript counting

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