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ETS-Embryo Media

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Embryonic Trophoblast Stem Embryo Medium

Embryonic Trophoblast Stem Embryo Medium

Cambridge Bioscience offers a unique medium that supports the development of artificial embryo structures, embryonic trophoblast stem embryos (ETS-embryos), when trophoblast stem cells and embryonic stem cells are co-cultured. Optimised for robust and efficient generation of ETS-embryos and using a simple protocol, this medium supports the self-assembly of structures that are observed in the mammalian embryo.

Benefits Of Using This ETS-Embryo Medium
• Optimised for robust & efficient generation of ETS-embryos
• Provides a unique cell culturing environment
• Supports self-assembly of structures observed in the mammalian embryo
• Simple & easy to follow protocol
• Functionally tested
• Available in convenient 25 ml or 100 ml pack sizes
• Bulk quantities available

The lead researchers at Cambridge University talk to Cell Guidance Systems about artificial ETS-embryos


Embryo Development

A series of images showing the development of ETS embryos over a period of five days. Trophoblast-derived cells are stained with a DNA-marker only (blue) and ES-derived cells stained with embryonic marker OCT4 (red)

Embryonic Cells expressing GFP & cherry histone

ESC cells expressing GFP and cherry histone used to highlight the embryonic cells in an ETS-embryo

• Improving efficiency of transgenic animal generation
• Tissue & organ creation for stem cell research

Material Available For Download
ETS-Embryo Medium Brochure
ETS-Embryo Medium User Guide

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