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Complex siRNA Pools for Gene Silencing – siPOOL™

Complex siRNA Pools for Gene Silencing – siPOOL™

Cambridge Bioscience offers highly complex and defined pools of 30 siRNAs for gene silencing by RNA interference. With each siRNA present at picomolar working concentrations, the off-target signatures of each siRNAs are diluted and on-target specificity increased, ensuring co-operative knock-down of the target gene. Enabling multigene targeting, siPOOL™ is ideal for producing more robust and reliable results in gene silencing.

Benefits Of Using siPOOLs
• Defined pool of 30 siRNAs for gene silencing
• On-target specificity increased
• Ensures co-operative knock-down of target gene
• Highly specific
• Robust & reliable results
• Quick & simple to use
• PAGE-purified & non-toxic
• Multi gene targeting

siPOOLs Technology

siPOOLs Technology

Individual siRNAs or low complexity siRNA pools containing 3-4 siRNAs often hit multiple off-target genes and exhibit variable target gene knock-down. siPOOLs are highly complex and defined pools of 30 siRNA, each present at picomolar working concentrations resulting in high on-target specificity and reliability

siPOOLs exhibit higher specificity than single siRNA

siPOOLs Figure 1

Expression profiling by microarray in HeLa cells revealed a single siRNA can induce numerous off-target genes (red dots) while a siPOOL against the same target gene (green dot), and containing the non-specific siRNA, had greatly reduced off-target effects

Better reproducibility & potent knock-down efficiency with siPOOLs

siPOOLs Figure 2

Left and middle panel: correlation plots of real-time quantitative PCR measurements of target RNA levels. siPOOLs exhibit greater robustness & reproducibility compared with single siRNAs. siPOOLs also exhibit potent gene knock-down. In commonly used cell lines, gene knock-down efficiencies of 75-98% are often achieved at 1 nM concentrations for many genes (right panel)

siPOOLs produce consistent phenotypes

siPOOLs Consistent Phenotypes

36 genes were screening using three siRNAs per gene from a commercially available library and two siPOOLS per gene from the human kinase siPOOL library. Cell viability was then measured in A549 cells. Only siPOOLs produced consistent phenotypes

• Gene silencing
• Genomic screening

Material Available for Download
siPOOL Product Brochure
siPOOL Transfection Protocol
siPOOL Human Kinase Library
siPOOL Cancer Toolbox
siPOOL Safety Data Sheet
siTOOLs Technotes: siRNA Off-Target Effects
siTOOLs Technotes: Ways to Reduce siRNA Off-Target Effects

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