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Fresh Human Whole Cord Blood

Fresh Human Whole Cord Blood

Cambridge Bioscience offers access to fresh whole cord blood collected in the UK from fully traceable, HTA-licensed facilities and delivered within 24 hours of collection across the UK for minimal degradation. Consented for genetic analysis and pre-screened for HIV I/II, HBV and HCV, the fresh cord blood is available in variable formats and all processing is carried out in facilities to GMP and ISO 9001 standards.

Benefits Of Using This Fresh Cord Blood
• All donor centres are traceable & located in UK
• Delivered within 24 hours across the UK for minimal degradation
• Human Tissue Authority (HTA) licensed collection & banking facilities
• Collection & banking conforms & complies with the EU Cells & Tissues Directive
• Samples consented for genetic analysis
• Samples carry consent for full ownership of data with the researcher
• Donors pre-screened for HIV I/II,  HBC & HCV
• All processing carried out in facilities to GMP & ISO 9001 standards
• Donors pre-screened with detailed questionnaire before selection
• Variable formats available


Note: availability depends on country - see product detail page.

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