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Highly sensitive cell-based protein phosphorylation ELISA kits

Highly sensitive cell-based protein phosphorylation ELISA kits

RayBiotech's highly sensitive, cell-based protein phosphorylation ELISA kits enable the rapid and direct detection of protein phosphorylation in a single experiment. Offering a convenient and efficient method, these ELISA kits are ideal for measuring protein phosphorylation and monitoring the effect of various treatments, inhibitors, or activators in cultured cell lines.

Benefits of using these ELISA kits
• Protein phosphorylation detected
• Highly sensitive
• Simple procedure
• Direct detection in a single experiment
• Cell lysis and Western Blot steps eliminated
• Treatment effects efficiently screened
• Wide range of cell lines compatible
• Result read at 450 nm




A small of selection of our cell-based protein phosphorylation ELISA portfolio is shown below. Please search our website for a full listing.


Note: availability depends on country - see product detail page.

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