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Low Toxicity Live Cell Nuclear Stains

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Live Cell Nuclear Stains - NucSpot® Live

Live Cell Nuclear Stains - NucSpot® Live

Cambridge Bioscience offers highly specific, cell-membrane permeable, nuclear stains for use in live cell imaging. Combining low toxicity with no wash step requirement, the NucSpot® Live cell nuclear stains are the ideal live cell imaging solution when using fluorescence microscopy.

Benefits of using NucSpot Live
• High nuclear specificity
• Live & fixed cells stained
• Low toxicity for live cell imaging
• No washing or RNase required
• Cell-membrane permeable
• Green or far-red fluorescent options
• SIM or STED microscopy compatible (NucSpot Live 650)
• Trial sizes available

NucSpot Live HeLa nuclear staining with Live 650 & Live 488

NucSpot® Live Figure

Cells were labelled with the indicated nuclear stain for 30 minutes at 37°C.

• Fluorescence microscopy
• Live-cell imaging
• SIM or STED microscopy (650 Fluorophore)

Material Available To Download
NucSpot Live 650 Protocol
NucSpot Live 488 Protocol
Nuclear Stains Brochure


Note: availability depends on country - see product detail page.

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