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TransIT®-Lenti - HEK 293T & 293-F Cells

TransIT®-Lenti - HEK 293T & 293-F Cells

TransIT®-Lenti transfection reagent enables enhanced delivery of the essential vectors required for high-titre lentivirus production in adherent HEK 293T and suspension 293-F cells. Using a simple protocol that requires no media change and a single harvest, the animal-origin free TransIT®-Lenti gives greater than two-fold higher functional titers over other transfection reagents.

Benefits of using TransIT®-Lenti
• High functional titres
• Simple protocol
• No media change required
• Single harvest
• Animal-origin free

High functional titers with TransIT®-Lenti transfection reagent

High Functional Titers with TransIT®-Lenti Transfection Reagent.

Adherent 293T/17 cells were transfected in a 6-well plate with pLKO.1-puro-CMV-TurboGFP™ transfer vector and the Lentivirus Packaging Mix Powered by MISSION® Genomics (1:1 ratio, 2 µg/well) with the following reagents: TransIT®-Lenti (3:1, vol:wt), Lipofectamine® 2000 (3:1), Lipofectamine® 3000 (3:1:1), 25 kDa PEI (6:1), or CaPO4 precipitation (4 µg pDNA/well). The supernatant was harvested, filtered (0.45 µm), and titered using 293T/17 cells. Lentivirus transductions were performed in the presence of 8 µg/ml TransduceIT™ and GFP expression was measured 72 hours post-transduction using guava easyCyte™ 5HT Flow Cytometer. Error bars represent triplicate transfection complexes titered individually. Functional titers were calculated using virus dilutions with less than 20% GFP positive cells.

Comparison of CaPO4, Lipofectamine® 2000 or TransIT®-Lenti generated lentivirus

Comparison of CaPO4, Lipofectamine® 2000 or TransIT®-Lenti Generated Lentivirus

Comparison of CaPO4, Lipofectamine® 2000 or TransIT®-Lenti Generated Lentivirus. HIV CMVeGFP Virus was produced in HEK 293FT cells using either CaPO4, Lipofectamine® 2000 or TransIT®-Lenti Transfection Reagent per the manufacturer's protocol. Lentivirus was collected 48 hours post-transfection and concentrated by prolonged centrifugation at 9,000 x g. HT1080cells were infected with a 1:100 or 1:1000 dilution of each concentrated lentivirus. Images (above) were captured 48 hours post-transduction.
Data courtesy of Jeremy Coffin, University of Iowa Viral Vector Core

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Material available for download
TransIT®-Lenti Transfection Reagent Protocol
TransIT®-Lenti Transfection Reagent Quick Reference Protocol
TransIT®-Lenti Transfection Reagent SDS
TransIT® Lentivirus System Protocol
TransIT® Lentivirus System Quick Reference Protocol
TransIT® Lentivirus System SDS
TransduceIT™ Reagent Product Data Sheet


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