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Efficient cell-free DNA & RNA recovery - Quick-cfDNA/RNA Kit

Efficient cell-free DNA & RNA recovery - Quick-cfDNA/RNA Kit

The Quick-cfDNA/RNA Kit enables the efficient recovery of all circulating cell-free DNA and RNA from up to 3 ml of serum, plasma or other biological fluids. With the option to coelute or separate only cell-free DNA or RNA, the Quick-cfDNA/cfRNA™ kit uses a quick and simple spin column protocol with no phenol or protein precipitation.

Benefits of using Quick-cfDNA/cfRNA Serum and Plasma Kit
• Isolate both cfDNA and cfRNA from a single sample
• Robust and easy purification
• High-quality DNA andRNA isolated
• Isolate from up to 3ml of plasma, serum or other biological fluids
• Purified cfDNA and RNA immediately ready for sensitive downstream applications
• Up to 515x more microRNA is recovered compared to competitor kits
• 100x higher microRNA sequence alignment (miRBase)
• No phenol needed
• No protein precipitation steps

Quick-cf Range
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Highest recovery of cell-free miRNA

Highest Recovery of Cell-Free miRNA

Cell-free RNA recovery scales proportionally with sample input using the Quick-cfDNA/cfRNA Serum & Plasma Kit. Cell-free RNA yields from the same plasma donor (61y-F) show linear and efficient recovery of plasma microRNA (hsa-miR-16-5p) when analysed by RT-qPCR.

Compatible with various biological fluid

Quick-cfDNA/cfRNA™ Serum & Plasma Kit Data

Amniotic fluid (AF), cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), or spent HeLa cell culture media (Media) were used to isolate cell-free nucleic acids using Quick-cfDNA/cfRNA Serum and Plasma Kit. Endogenous cell-free DNA from each sample type was visualised using the Agilent 2200 Tapestation® system.

Material available for download
Quick-cfDNA/cfRNA™ Serum & Plasma Kit Protocol

Tapestation™ is a trademark of Agilent Technologies, Inc.


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