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Recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibodies

Recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibodies

Bethyl Laboratories offers highly validated, sensitive and specific recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibodies for the detection of protein targets in samples. The B-cell sorting and recombinant DNA technology in the on-site manufacturing process of these antibodies ensures that these antibodies are guaranteed to work in validated applications.

Benefits of using these antibodies
• Protected by the Cambridge Bioscience Antibody Guarantee
• Sensitive
• Specific
• Validated
• Reproducible

Detection of human PD-L1 (red) and Lamin-A/C (green) in FFPE lung carcinoma by IHC-IF

Detection of human PD-L1 (red) & Lamin-A/C (green) in FFPE lung carcinoma by IHC-IF. Antibody: Rabbit anti-PD-L1 recombinant monoclonal [BLR020E] (A700-020) and rabbit anti-Lamin-A/C (A303-430A). Secondary: DyLight® 594-conjugated goat anti-rabbit IgG (A120-201D4) & DyLight® 488-conjugated goat anti-rabbit IgG (A120-201D2). Counterstain: DAPI (blue).

Bethyl Competitor Comparison

The antibodies included a Bethyl recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibody (catalogue number A700-003), a widely available mouse monoclonal, clone EP190b, from Competitor A, and a goat polyclonal from Competitor B. As expected, in untreated cells, no staining was observed for all antibodies except the Competitor B goat polyclonal, which exhibited off-target nuclear staining. In treated cells, upregulated, nuclear localized, HIF2-alpha was correctly detected by Bethyl’s Cat# A700-003. This was in contrast to Competitor A’s antibody which detected an upregulated protein incorrectly localised to the cytoplasm, and Competitor B’s antibody which detected no change in response to treatment.

Bethyl RmAbs Comparison

HepG2 untreated and HepG2 treated with CoCl2. Detection of human HIF2-alpha (red) in formaldehyde-fixed asynchronous HepG2 cells untreated (left) and treated with CoCI2 (right) by ICC-IF. Antibody: Rabbit anti-HIF2-alpha recombinant monoclonal [BL-95-1A2] ( A700-003). Secondary: DyLight® 594-conjugated goat anti-rabbit IgG (A120-201D4). Counterstain: DAPI (blue)

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