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T-cell marker antibodies

T-cell marker antibodies

Bethyl Laboratories offers a portfolio of highly-validated T-cell marker polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies to categorise subsets of T-cells based on their physiologic localisation and maturation state in a variety of human cancer types. This portfolio includes high quality recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibodies (RmAbs), designed using B-cell sorting and recombinant DNA technology. These T-cell marker antibodies go through a unique validation process that tests paired antibodies raised against distinct protein epitopes. Specificity and selectivity using the western blot (WB) method in conjunction with immunoprecipitation (IP) are tested.

Benefits of using these T-cell marker antibodies
• Highly-validated for IHC, WB and IF
• Validation data available
• Recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibodies available
• Covered by the Cambridge Bioscience Antibody Guarantee
• Trial sizes available

T-cell marker lymph node

Detection of CD247/CD3Z in a FFPE section of metastatic lymph node from lung cancer origin by IHC. Antibody: Rabbit anti-CD247/CD3Z recombinant monoclonal antibody [BL-336-1B2], Cat# A700-017. Detection: DAB.

T-cell markers intestine

Detection of CD45 in a FFPE section of human small intestine by IHC. Antibody: Rabbit anti-CD45 recombinant monoclonal antibody [BL-178-12C7], Cat# A700-012. Detection: DAB.

• WB

Material available for download
Application note: A western blot and immunoprecipitation assay to verify antibody specificity


Note: availability depends on country - see product detail page.

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