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SOX Antibodies

SOX Antibodies

This wide portfolio of highly validated antibodies targeting the SOX family of proteins is from the Atlas Antibodies Triple A Polyclonal and PrecisA Monoclonal ranges. The Triple A Polyclonal antibodies have superior epitope recognition across applications, states and species, and minimal off-target binding. The PrecisA Monoclonal antibodies are epitope mapped and individually isotyped. Highly specific, our SOX antibodies are also thoroughly characterised and validation images detailing the visualisation of structures such as neural tube, developing brain, eye and trigeminal ganglion and developing cartilage are available.

Benefits of using our SOX Antibodies
• High specificity
• Excellent characterisation
• Highly validated for IHC, ICC-IF or Western blot
• Exceptional reproducibility
• Covered by the Cambridge Bioscience Antibody Guarantee

• Western blot

Staining of mouse embryo E11 with Anti-SOX9

Staining of mouse embryo E11 with Anti-SOX9 antibody shows reactivity in the developing eye.

SOX9 & SOX6 expression

SOX9 expression in the developing dorsal neural tube of mouse embryo E11 shown by IHC-IF with Anti-SOX9 AMAb90795 (A). SOX9 expression in adult human testis shown by IHC with Anti-SOX9 antibody HPA001758 (B). SOX6 expression in human testis visualised by Anti-SOX6 antibody HPA001923 (C).

Material available for download

SOX Antibodies brochure


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