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PODS™ growth factors

PODS™ growth factors

PODS™ growth factors are captured in a polyhedrin crystal lattice, protecting them against physical and chemical damage and ensures that they are correctly folded and fully functional. Once deployed in cell culture, the crystal loosens its grip on the PODS™ growth factors, providing a sustained release into the local environment. PODS™ crystals can be attached to surfaces in order to functionalise them and thus create localised concentrations and physiologically relevant gradients.

Benefits of using the PODS™ growth factors
• 100 percent levels of bioactivity
• No denaturation or refolding of the protein during production
• Sustained protein release for days, weeks and months
• Significantly stabilised growth factor concentrations available in media
• Ready attachment to substrates for localised deposition within a culture system
• Reduced frequency of cell culture media changes
• Long shelf life
• Produced in insect cells for important post-translational modifications
• Minimal batch-to-batch variation
• Stable at 4ºC
• Small, medium & large pack sizes available
• Animal-free production
• Development of physiologically relevant concentration gradients for patterning

PODS™ growth factors generation

PODS™ Growth Factors Generation

PODS™ crystals are generated in cells in which the polyhedrin protein is expressed at high levels under the control of the polyhedrin promoter. PODS™ crystals are formed when a second protein, also under the control of a polyhedrin promoter, is coexpressed. This second protein is termed the active, or cargo, protein. The active protein is tagged with a short peptide sequence which causes enables the active protein to bind to the growing polyhedrin crystal. As the cubic crystal continues to grow, the active protein becomes encased.

PODS™ growth factors sustained release formula maintains cells in the optimal growth factor zone

PODS™ growth factors sustained release formula maintains cells in the optimal growth factor zone

Please find below a small selection of products from our large PODS™ growth factor portfolio. If you can't find the growth factor you are interested in or would like more information, please contact our Cell Guidance Systems Specialist Here.


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