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Optimised 3D Cell Culture Scaffold
3D Cell Culture Perfusion System - PerfusionPAL™
3D Cell Culture ECM Hydrogels - TissueSpec®

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Robust 3D cell culture scaffold - SeedEZ™

Robust 3D cell culture scaffold - SeedEZ™

This robust, glass fibre cell culture scaffold is optimised for long-term 3D cell culture growth and enables the ability to create complex tissue models for predictive in vitro drug testing. With a simple workflow and consistent composition, the animal product-free SeedEZ™ can be used with all cell types to culture tissue models in 24-well, 48-well and 96-well plates or larger dishes. The inert, transparent, hydrophilic disc cannot peel off culture dishes or be siphoned into a pipette tip like soft scaffolds. Unlike porous and rigid scaffolds, the open SeedEZ™ system allows cells to easily permeate into its interior, rather than sit on top of the scaffold, giving a more accurate 3D culture environment.

Benefits of using SeedEZ™
• Robust
• Routine workflow
• Wide application compatibility
• Open system allows easy cell permeation
• Imaging accessible
• Animal product free
• Consistent composition

Superior cellular viability and baseline drug metabolism in human liver cells in SeedEZ™

CYP3A4 SeedEz      SeedEZ













Culturing cells in 3D SeedEZ™ predicts efficacy of known anti-cancer drugs e.g. Herceptin (Trastuzumab); culturing in 2D does not

Culturing cells in 3D SeedEZ predicts efficacy of known anti-cancer drugs, such as the leading breast cancer drug Herceptin (Trastuzumab); culturing in 2D does not.

Growth of HER2+ breast cancer model with the extracellular matrix in SeedEZ™

Growth of HER2+ breast cancer model with the extracellular matrix in SeedEZSeedEz










“My lab is one of the first in the UK to use SeedEZ and PerfusionPal. SeedEZ is simple to use, robust and easy to handle. We have used it to culture breast cancer cells and they grow very well. PerfusionPal is also great – simple to set up and unlike some platforms there are no leaks. Once it is set up you simply put it in the incubator and let the experiment run, safe in the knowledge that the system will take care of itself. There are lots of platforms on the market nowadays, but we find SeedEZ and PerfusionPal a simple and effective way of performing 3D cell culture, which works reliably and consistently”.

Professor Valerie Speirs, LICAP Breast Research Group, Leeds Institute of Cancer & Pathology

• Small molecule drug testing (ADME/Tox)
• Testing on target efficacy/ off-target toxicity of antibody-drug-conjugates and multi-specific antibodies
• Culture advanced tumour 3D models over long periods of time in vitro

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Applications: Cell and tissue culture
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