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Exo-spin - Exceptional Yield Exosome Purification Kit
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Extracellular vesicle isolation kits – ExoQuick® ULTRA

Extracellular vesicle isolation kits – ExoQuick® ULTRA

The ExoQuick® ULTRA kits from System Biosciences enable high yield extracellular vesicle (EV) isolation from serum, plasma and tissue culture media. With no ultracentrifugation step, the ExoQuick® ULTRA  and ExoQuick-TC® ULTRA kits allow you to isolate high purity EVs for a wide range of applications in less than 20 minutes.

  ExoQuick® ULTRA     For serum & plasma  
 ExoQuick-TC® ULTRA For cell culture media

Benefits of using the ExoQuick® ULTRA kits
• High yield
• Less than 20 minute handling time
• Carryover reduced by 75 percent or albumins and 40 percent for immunoglobulins
• From 250 µl plasma/serum or 5 ml tissue culture media
• No ultracentrifugation step
• Easy to use
• Compatible with a wide range of sensitive applications

• Western blotting
• Mass spectrometry
• Next-generation sequencing
• Exosome labelling
In vivo/ex vivo exosome delivery

ExoQuick ULTRA simple workflow

ExoQuick ULTRA Simple Workflow

ExoQuick ULTRA delivers higher yields of clean exosomes vs. top competitor vs. ultracentrifugation

ExoQuick ULTRA delivers higher yields of clean exosomes vs. Top Competitor vs. Ultracentrifugation

(A) A coomassie blue-stained protein gel comparing the protein content of exosome preps isolated using different methods shows only a few, defined protein bands in the ExoQuick® ULTRA lane compared to the other methods. (B) Western blotting of the gel shows that the ExoQuick® ULTRA prep contains the highest levels of exosome-specific markers CD9, CD81, and Hsp70 and the lowest levels of the carryover proteins albumin and IgGH. In contrast, the prep from Company Q appears to be primarily albumin, and even the sample prepared using ultracentrifugation contains considerably higher levels of both albumin and IgGH. Each lane was loaded with 7 μg of total protein as measured using a fluorometric Qubit protein assay.

Material available for download

ExoQuick® ULTRA  and ExoQuick-TC® ULTRA flyer

ExoQuick® ULTRA user manual

ExoQuick-TC® ULTRA user manual


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