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Thermal Shift Protein Stability Kit – GloMelt™

Thermal Shift Protein Stability Kit – GloMelt™

Cambridge Bioscience offers a kit to detect protein unfolding or measure thermal stability by generating fluorescence enhancement upon dye binding to hydrophobic regions of denatured proteins. Optimised for detection in the SYBR® Green channel of qPCR instruments, the GloMelt™ dye generates a strong signal, allowing for use with low reaction volumes and low protein concentrations.

Benefits Of Using The GloMelt™ Kits
•    Strong signal
•    Compatible with low reaction volumes & low protein concentrations
•    Results obtained in 30 minutes
•    Requires less protein than circular dichroism & differential scanning calorimetry
•    Compatible with high concentrations of protein stabilisers & destabilisers
•    Performs very well in high detergent concentrations
•    Compatible with high throughput screening
•    Compatible with ROX dye to increase replicate consistency
•    Cost-effective

•    Optimise buffer formulation for protein stability & storage
•    Determine how mutations affect protein stability
•    Rapidly screen small molecule drug candidates & other ligands for protein binding

The Environmentally Sensitive Fluorescent Dye Can Be Used To Monitor The Temperature-Dependent Unfolding Of A Protein

The environmentally sensitive fluorescent dye can be used to monitor the temperature-dependent unfolding of a protein

The protein’s melting temperature (Tm) is a reporter of the protein’s thermal stability.

IgG Melt Curve Plots In The Presence Of Detergent: GloMelt™ And SYPRO® Orange

IgG melt curve plots in the presence of detergent: GloMelt™ and SYPRO® Orange

A thermal shift assay was performed on 20 µg IgG in the presence of 5X SYPRO® Orange or 1X GloMelt™ dye, using a QuantStudio™ 5 qPCR system. The presence of detergent inhibited the SYPRO® Orange assay, but did not significantly affect the GloMelt™ curve.


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