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Quantibody® Multiplex ELISA Microarray

Quantibody® Multiplex ELISA Microarray

The Quantibody® Multiplex ELISA Microarray offers a cost-effective method to quantitatively detect several cancer-related proteins. Combining the advantages of the high detection sensitivity and specificity of sandwich ELISA and the high throughput of arrays, Quantibody® accurately determines the concentration of multiple targets simultaneously with only 6 hours of processing time. These microarrays are suitable for all liquid sample types with only 50 µL or less sample volume required.

Benefits Of Using Quantibody®

• Cost-effective
• High specificity & system reproducibility
• High throughput
• Multiplex detection of targets in one experiment
• 6 hour processing time
• Suitable for diverse sample types
• ≤ 50 µL sample volume required

Quantibody® Workflow

Qantibody Workflow

Quantibody® Allows For Accurate Quantification Of The Protein Target Concentrations

Quantibody® Allows For Accurate Quantification Of The Protein Target Concentrations

To quantify target protein concentrations, the array-specific protein standards, whose concentrations have been predetermined, are provided to generate an 8-point standard curve of each target protein. By comparing signals from unknown samples to the standard curve, the unknown cytokine concentration in the samples will be determined.


• Multiplexed & quantitative protein detection
• Biomarker screening & validation
• Key factor identification
• Biological process confirmation
• Antibody array results validation

Material Available For Download

Quantibody® Human Gastric Cancer Biomarker Array 1 Manual

Quantibody® Human Immune Checkpoint Molecule Array 1 Manual

Quantibody® Human Cancer Biomarker Array 1 Manual


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