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Quantibody® Multiplex ELISA Microarray

Quantibody® Multiplex ELISA Microarray

The Quantibody® Multiplex ELISA Microarray offers a cost-effective method to quantitatively detect several cancer-related proteins. Combining the advantages of the high detection sensitivity and specificity of sandwich ELISA and the high throughput of arrays, Quantibody® accurately determines the concentration of multiple targets simultaneously with only six hours of processing time. These microarrays are suitable for all liquid sample types with only 50 µL or less sample volume required.

Benefits of using Quantibody®

• Cost-effective
• High specificity and system reproducibility
• High throughput
• Multiplex detection of targets in one experiment
• Six hour processing time
• Suitable for diverse sample types
• Less than 50 µL sample volume required

Quantibody® workflow

Qantibody Workflow

Quantibody® allows for accurate quantification of the protein target concentrations

Quantibody® Allows For Accurate Quantification Of The Protein Target Concentrations

To quantify target protein concentrations, the array-specific protein standards, whose concentrations have been predetermined, are provided to generate an eight point standard curve of each target protein. By comparing signals from unknown samples to the standard curve, the unknown cytokine concentration in the samples will be determined.


• Multiplexed and quantitative protein detection
• Biomarker screening and validation
• Key factor identification
• Biological process confirmation
• Antibody array results validation

Material available for download

Quantibody® Human Gastric Cancer Biomarker Array 1 manual

Quantibody® Human Immune Checkpoint Molecule Array 1 manual

Quantibody® Human Cancer Biomarker Array 1 manual


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