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Flow cytometry antibodies - Ready-Set-Flow!™ Backbone Panels

Flow cytometry antibodies - Ready-Set-Flow!™ Backbone Panels

Tonbo Biosceinces offer panels of multicolour flow cytometry antibodies that are both convenient and cost-effective. Containing essential antibodies in multiple colour combinations with the flexibility for including additional markers, the Ready - Set - Flow™ Backbone Panels for flow cytometry result in substantial savings when purchased as a bundle.

Benefits of using these panels
• Easy to use
• Convenient
• Cost-effective
• Choice of fluorochrome
• Choice of hundreds of specificities

If you do not see a specific antibody you're looking for, please contact our Tonbo Biosciences specialist, Hiten, and we will be happy to assist in the configuration of a panel for you.

Ready - Set - Flow!™ Backbone Panels

Cambridge Bioscience Antibody Guarantee
All of our antibodies are covered by the Cambridge Bioscience Expect Better Antibody Guarantee. Please click here to find out more.



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