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redFluor™ 710 Fluorochrome Conjugated Antibodies
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VioletFluor™ 450 fluorochrome conjugated antibodies

VioletFluor™ 450 fluorochrome conjugated antibodies

Tonbo Biosciences' comprehensive range of violetFluor™ 450  fluorochrome conjugated antibodies are excited by the violet (405 nm) laser. With a peak emission of ~450 nm violetFluor™ 450, violetFluor™  450 can be used as an alternative for Pacific Blue®, BD Horizon™  V450 or eFluor® 450. The most common band pass filters for this dye are 440/40 or 450/50.

Clones available
104 17A2 1A8 1D3 2.43 2A3 2F1 2H7
A7R34 BM8.1 C1.18.4 GK1.5 H57-597 HI100 HI30 HIB19
M1/69 M1/70 M5/114.15.2 MOPC-21 MPC-11 N418 O323 OKT3
RPA-2.10 RPA-T4 RPA-T8 SK1 SK7 TER-119 UCHT1 XMG1.2
3.9 30-F11 30-H12 53-6.7 61D3 A20 OKT4 OKT8
HIT2 Hit8a HP-3G10 HRPN IM7 LTF-2 PC61.5 RA3-6B2
RB6-8C5 RM4-5            

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