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Eliminate RT-PCR Priming Errors - ThermaStop-RT™

Eliminate RT-PCR Priming Errors - ThermaStop-RT™

Cambridge Bioscience offers a simple-to-use reagent for one-step or two-step reverse transcription PCR assays containing gene-specific primers. Interacting with reverse transcriptase at low temperatures, ThermaStop-RT™ reduces priming errors that lead to non-specific products, significantly increases the yield of the desired specific products as well as increasing assay sensitivity.

Benefits Of Using ThermaStopRT™
• Improved RT-PCR sensitivity, specificity & product yield
• Generate higher yields of the specific products & fewer non-specific products
• Improve detection of RNA targets at a much lower concentration

Increased Product Yield

ThermaStop-RT greatly increases probe signals for detecting Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) RNA sequence using either two-step or one-step RT-PCR.

Reduced Non-Specific Amplification

ThermaStop-RT™  dramatically reduces non-specific amplification in one-step RT-PCR. Five samples without and five samples with ThermaStop- RT show (left to right) amplification of the mitochondrial nad5 mRNA from coconut palm leaves, synthetic coconut palm viroid RNA, or co-amplification of both nad5 mRNA and one of three serial dilutions of the viroid RNA. Only the specific 152 and 127 base pair products are detected in samples with ThermaStop-RT™. Samples without the reagent have lower levels of those products and high levels of non-specific product. Bands on the left are from a quantitative DNA ladder (100-500 base pairs).

Material Available To Download
ThermaStop-RT™ Datasheet


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Applications: Reverse Treansciption-PCR, rt-PCR,Multiplex rt-PCR
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Applications: Reverse Treansciption-PCR, rt-PCR,Multiplex rt-PCR